Smart joint accounts,
secured on blockchain.

Beta release coming soon.


Accounts that support all major currencies and cryptocurrencies. Create, change or spend – instantly upon approval of participants.


Manage joint budgets and collaborative spending with ease, security and accountability.


Spend in-store or online just like using a normal debit card, or transfer peer-to-peer via the app.


Funds secured and always remain accessible on the public Stellar Blockchain.

Secure, fast and flexible joint accounts
– managed effortlessly.


Create Accounts

Create any number of accounts with friends, family and colleagues, instantly.


Set Signatories

Define the number of signatories required to approve spending and account changes.


Smart Controls

Set budget ‘rules’ for min/max spends, for specific people and/or time periods.


Easy Approvals

Easily circulate spending proposals among the signatories – granted with the tap of a button.


Currency Choice

Open accounts in any major currency or cryptocurrency, with a simple integrated exchange.


Spend in store

Use the app to make purchases in store using Apple or Android Pay. Debit cards will also be available.

Dovetail was
made for you…

+ Family budgets
+ Kitty with friends
+ Teams / clubs
+ Crypto syndicates
+ Fund managers
+ Employee expenses

+ Escrow accounts
+ Small business
+ Departmental spending
+ Personal security
+ Savings clubs
+ Charity / sponsorship

Use Dovetail to your advantage

Use Dovetail to your advantage

Avoid the pitfalls of traditional joint accounts…

  • The bank will not close these accounts (or make them dormant) unless I write a letter signed by the 2 signatories on file. I don't know who they are, and the bank will not tell me...

  • We’ve got different wallets, accounts and applications for many of our currencies and crypto assets, and we can’t exchange or spend them easily and without huge fees...

  • Every time the club had a new treasurer (every 3 years), they would also have to open new bank accounts as they found it impossible to update or change the existing bank mandates…


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